Responding to Crisis and Suffering With Kingdom Mercy and Hope.

Birthed in 2005 out of the tremendous response to those impacted by Hurricane Katrina from Vineyard Churches across the nation, Mercy Response was formed to coordinate our efforts to assist those impacted by natural disasters and tragedy.

Our aim is to come alongside the local church by joining them in what they are already doing in their community to help meet the needs of people affected by a natural disaster or misfortune (through financial and volunteer support).


Mercy Response has evolved over time.  In it's infancy, Mercy Response was a loose-nit group of Vineyard Churches with a desire to help those devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  Over time, Mercy Response became a sponsored ministry of Vineyard USA.  In 2008, after Hurricane Gustav, Mercy Response partnered with churches up and down the Gulf Coast. Over the next few years, floods in Tennessee & Iowa gave us the opportunity to help more churches in their communities bring relief and help to people in need.  After Hurricane Ike in Galveston and the earthquake in Haiti, Vineyard Churches across the country responded in a compassionate and effective way through Mercy Response.

Today, while Vineyard USA has partnered with Convoy of Hope for Disaster Relief, Mercy Response continues to operate as a ministry of Vineyard Church of New Orleans , helping Vineyard churches help other Vineyard churches throughout the region.

Our Vision

We believe that the best way to assist communities after major devastation is through long term commitment of the local Church.  The most effective way to see this happen is by providing labor and assistance to Vineyard church pastors and members whose homes have been damaged to quickly get them back on their feet.  Then Mercy Response can partner with the local church staff & members in assisting their neighbors.