Mercy Response has set up a base camp and distribution center at Trinity Vineyard Church in Cypress, TX, and we're now taking teams.

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our Volunteer Page for more information and to register.

Also, whether you're bringing a team and want to bring some tools with you or you'd like to make a donation, we could use the items on this list to help resource our base camp and teams as we send them out.

A big Thank You to the fine folks of Trinity Vineyard Church and friends from Louisiana  for their hard work unloading supplies, setting up cots, putting up tents, and getting the site ready for teams. 

Doug Anderson and the Mercy Response team briefed the church on what they are signing up for by opening their doors. Prayers for this church for their health and wholeness as they work hard to serve their city and those who will be traveling from all over!

Please check back for further updates as things continue to develop!

how you can help

  • It's the generosity of normal everyday people that fuels the life change communities experience through Mercy Response.  We greatly appreciate your generosity.

  • Volunteers are the heart and soul of Mercy Response - people willing to donate their time, their vacation, their gifts, their skills to help people in need.

    If you are interested in volunteering for one of our current projects, please read our Volunteer FAQ, and register here.

  • The concept is for the empty Boxes of Hope to be taken home by people throughout the Vineyard community to be filled and returned to the local church for shipment to the current Mercy Response relief site. 

    Interested? Please check out our Boxes of Hope FAQ or contact us here.